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Influencer Marketing

Scale your brand exposure and raise brand awareness with top-notch influencers.

Social media stars “influencers” are one of the best marketing tools available today in the digital marketing world. Yes, it can take a brand to new heights, and provide it with the exposure that it deserves. That said, one could reach millions of people in just a matter of seconds. Someone who didn’t knew about your brand could simply click on a link advertised by influencers and make a purchase. Now, imagine, if an influencer having a great following promotes your product on their personal handle. It would rain sales, the very next day in your office! 

We at Refpay, are in contact with a large network of influencers which can put your business in spotlight!

Here, take a look at some eye-opening facts:

  • You won’t believe it but the influencer marketing industry has reached a valuation of $21.1 Billion.
  • Majority of the teens (Gen-Z) trusts influencers more than the traditional celebrities.
  • Time and again, influencer marketing has helped brands acquire better customer.

Contact us today for influencer marketing services and increase your brand’s awareness. Create a buzz about your brand on social media platforms and generate more sales!

In order to keep your marketing plan on track, we figure out what you want to achieve and then set a budget for the year. We then think about things like increasing brand awareness, getting spotlight from followers on social media, and finally getting appreciated for the content. 


It’s important to know what kind of campaigns works best for a business or a brand. Our motto is to get people interested and involved in your content. Some common types of campaigns involves guest posts, sponsored content, shout-outs, contests, takeovers, affiliate programs, and discount codes.

The creation and functionality of the process is important, but more than that it’s important to track how it’s doing in the market. Ways we measure the success of a influencer marketing campaign is through brand awareness, audience building, engagement, and sales.


We at Refpay Media believes that creating an influencer Marketing Strategy is like following a recipe. First and foremost, one needs to understand their audience well. Then, they need to decide how much money one can spend. Next, make sure you collaborate and work with the influencers whose goals align with yours!

Refpay Media connects brands with social media influencers to create, handle, share, and improve influencer marketing campaigns. Connect with us today, if you have been looking for influencer marketing services in India. 

How well influencer marketing works can depend on different things, like the type of business, who you’re trying to reach, and the plan you use. We at Refpay knows that our success depends on a thoughtful approach, careful selection of influencers, and ongoing assessment and optimization of campaigns.

Because picking Influencer Marketing has its perks that fit well with how people buy things today. It brings authenticity, reaching the right audience, diverse content, and clear results. These things make it a great choice for marketing nowadays.