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About Us

About Us

Our Story

Founded in 2018, Refpay Media is now the leading solution-based digital marketing agency and an affiliate network headquartered in Singapore and India providing exemplary services to its clients.

With a powerful network of affiliate marketing and technology, we aim to expand advertisers’ business and their ROI consequently maximizing Ad revenues for its Publishers by driving business growth across the entire Value Chain.

The high-level extensible framework, the “Pay for Performance model” is a completion based affiliate pricing service. By providing you access to our revolutionary and robust technologies, loaded with state-of-the-art tools, reporting, and real-time analytics, our clients will be equipped with the power of purchase of our premium network of Advertisers and Publishers spread across the Globe. Our modifiable solutions endure collaborative throughout and maintain control over keystones via our feature-rich interface, for relevant, targeted, and accountable solutions that optimize your conversion rates and ROI.

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Our Vision

As a connecting company, we aim to deliver maximized sales to our valued customers- Driven by shared purpose, innovative solutions, and creating an ever-evolving affiliate network in the digital ecosystem globally.

Our vision is simple – We exist to expedite our customers’ growth, keeping them at the top in the digital sector by directly determining their overall business development. We maintain the highest level of quality with our industry knowledge and deep technological expertise. We, also aim to accomplish these milestones by the end of this year:

  • To be the leading Revolutionary in the Affiliate Marketing sector.
  • To encourage a Diversified Target audience with Refpay.
  • To expand our global reach.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire as a renowned Affiliate Marketing Company in the digital world working with top global brands with complete transparency and integrity providing quality services.

We believe in following a uniquely flexible, problem-solving, and future-focused path when it comes to our customers, the triumphant of which speaks for itself. As a young expert agency, we resonate our mission with our client’s mission for digital transformation.

Our Values

We Work to Understand Our Customer
We stand by the core values of our company that helps us make you feel secure for choosing us:



We guarantee to deliver big ideas and solutions that have a huge impact on how our clients digitally engage with one another in every domain.



We strive to be our customers’ irreplaceable partners in their own digital transformation by giving them consistent assistance with our mastery across the whole value chain.



We strive to become an operational backbone that gives agency brands the power with expert solutions that are required to compete in this digital-first world.



We highly empower and grow customers by technology, thus giving rise to their new and existing competitors in this fast-moving environment.



Refpay Media is built on the succession of Innovation and technology expertise that has solidified the culture and expertise which continue to run deep in our team.