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Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Companies in India Revealed!

affiliate marketing companies

Have you heard about the Affiliate industry? It doesn’t make any difference assuming you’re new or experienced, affiliate marketing is experiencing a significant surge in growth. In actuality most brands use affiliate programs to make more individuals mindful of their image and increment deals. It is to be sure one of the quickest developing promoting areas presently. Many are endeavouring to ascend the business stepping stool, making the opposition harder. However, in order to rank among India’s top 10 affiliate marketing companies, real expertise is required.

Affiliate marketing has become more well-known in the past couple of years. Indeed, the blast in innovation, online entertainment, and marketing has helped its prosperity. Yet, in particular, Affiliate marketing is a savvy method for advertising. ‘Cost-viability’ has been one of the most alluring elements of affiliates up to this point. It has drawn in such countless individuals towards itself since it is financially less expensive than what conventional advertising used to be. In addition, in Affiliate marketing affiliates are known to advance items that they are known about, and as well as something they are enthusiastic about. Up to this point, there are various companies and associations that are involved in affiliate marketing, yet a couple of them come to the rundown of top affiliate marketing companies in India.

Top Affiliate marketing companies in India

There is no question about the way that in the event that you are an affiliate advertiser, you really want to secure extraordinary expertise, experience, and information. The following companies are counted among the top, and that implies they have gathered the aptitude that this industry requests. Here are the top 10 affiliate marketing companies in India that you ought to be aware of:

1. Amazon associates

The Amazon Associates Program is one of the biggest affiliate networks globally, helping content creators, publishers, and website owners make money from their traffic. This means you can sit where you are and make real money through their program if you are interested since it is reliable and is counted among the best affiliate marketing networks in India too. Amazon itself is a big name in the industry, but as an affiliate program, it is doing wonders too. How does it work? Amazon gives website owners a unique Associate ID. After approval, they create and share affiliate links. When someone clicks and makes a purchase, the associate earns a commission. Also, Amazon associates are introduced whenever the history of affiliate marketing is in discussion since it was launched in the year 1996. 

amazon associates
Image Credit: nichehacks

2. Flipkart affiliate

Wondering what Flipkart has to do with affiliate marketing? Indeed, a ton of things. Flipkart is one of the greatest online stores for fundamentals, clothing, machines thus substantially more. This makes it perhaps the most visited site in India as well. In 2007, Flipkart began an affiliate program. You could acquire commissions by placing item flags or links on your site to direct clients to This was a great way for people to earn. One could earn up to 12% every time a user would click on their banner or link and make a purchase from Flipkart’s site. As of today, the Flipkart affiliate program is one of the most popular choices among the All-around bloggers. Flipkart consistently tops in affiliate revenue among e-retail stores. Its outstanding conversion rates result in more revenue per lead compared to any other store in the industry.

3. Refpay Media

Refpay Media’s journey began in the year 2018 and today it stands among the top 10 affiliate marketing companies in India. What sets Refpay Media apart is its commitment to transparency in business, forming a foundation of trust that has resulted in a robust client base. How do they work? Well, they use a strong network of affiliate marketing and technology to help advertisers grow their business and maximize ROI. This helps their publishers earn more from ads and promote growth throughout the entire business process. In short, they are focused on empowering global advertisers & brands, and publishers to thrive in the market. At this moment, they have areas of strength for affiliate marketing and innovation, and they’re continuously working to make it stunningly better.

Image Credit: Refpay Media

4. Shopify

The Shopify affiliate program was sent off in 2006, and it has been used by retailers overall to produce almost $500 billion in deals. You can join for nothing and bring in cash by referring to new Shopify vendors. As an affiliate, you earn a commission whenever users sign up for a paid plan through your unique affiliate link. 

Image Credit: Blogging Lizard

Shopify’s Affiliate Program supports educators, influencers, review sites, and content creators in educating their audience about entrepreneurship with Shopify. They can procure commissions for the references they bring in. Many individuals trust Shopify’s affiliate program, which is the reason their affiliate program is additionally considered as a part of the top 10 affiliate marketing companies in India.

5. HostGator

A digital marketer likely is familiar with HostGator, yet in the event that you aren’t, here’s a speedy intro. HostGator is a notable stage for hosting sites. It’s budget-friendly, has day in and day out client service, and gives different hosting choices, as WordPress and online business highlights. Aside from this, HostGator is additionally very well known for being one of the top affiliate marketing companies in India. Their affiliate program is quite famous in India. HostGator has a program where you can earn money in the hosting field by becoming an affiliate. You can earn generously for each sale through Impact. As of today, people are making a lot of money from HostGator’s program.

Image Credit : Design Bombs

6. Yatra

Yatra is one of the renowned online travel service providers in India and in various other locations across the world. It’s surprising in the event that you love to travel and haven’t coincidentally found their site to look at their amazing bundles. They are known to offer the best arrangements on flight bookings, lodging bookings, transport tickets, thus significantly more. But creating happy travellers is not the only motive they have. Indeed, they also make it to the list of top 10 affiliate marketing companies in India because of their excellent affiliate program. If you own a website, then just by promoting Yatra and their services you can earn high commissions from them.

Image Credit : Appdukaan

7. Make My Trip Affiliate

After becoming a customer-friendly brand that is reliable and transparent, MakeMyTrip started its operations in India in 2005. With the introduction of budget airlines in the country, more and more Indians began choosing online travel options. But, travel related services are not the only thing they have got to offer. Make My Trip’s affiliate program is quite attractive to an affiliate marketers eye too. The MakeMyTrip Affiliate Program resembles a marketing group where individuals or businesses can bring in cash by promoting MakeMyTrip’s travel services (like flights, lodgings, and bundles) using unique links. On the off chance that someone purchases something through these links, the affiliate gets a commission on the deal.

Image Credit: Cuelinks

8. Myntra

Myntra is indeed India’s largest e-commerce store for fashion and lifestyle products. It is something an online shopper cannot skip because they have got the latest fashion trends and apparel which are loved by people in India. But, what else is loved by people in India by them is their affiliate program. Indeed, they are additionally one of the top affiliate marketing companies in India which assists individuals with earning additional income by promoting their immense collection of fashion items. How? Indeed, on the off chance that you are a Myntra affiliate, you will be expected to share special links to Myntra items on your blog, site, or virtual entertainment stages.

Image Credit : Appdukaan

9. Meesho

During the festive season, individuals tend to look at Meesho’s collection on their smartphones because of various deals, offers, and limits. Meesho stands apart as a pocket-friendly online shopping platform that interfaces with makers and affiliates. Besides, their affiliate program additionally comes to the rundown of top 10 affiliate marketing companies in India, allowing individuals to acquire commissions up to 15% when companions or family buy through their affiliate link. Becoming a Meesho affiliate partner is now simple, offering a great way to earn with every transaction.

Image Credit: Weber Words

10. Near Buy

Nearbuy is known as India’s first hyper-local online platform, facilitating interaction between customers and local merchants. Not just that, but also the team at nearbuy dedicates efforts to bring individuals closer to their world. The stage endeavors to make encounters like fine dining, spa visits, and exploring the city more open and pleasant for its clients. Nearbuy likewise comes to the rundown of top affiliate marketing companies in India in view of its great affiliate program. Their affiliate program stands apart as one of the top-performing efforts in the Food and Staple classification within the Indian affiliate marketing industry, credited to its great affiliate bonus rates and approval rates.

Image Credit: Startup Talkly


As affiliate marketing continues to assume a critical part in the outcome of digital marketing efforts, these best affiliate marketing companies in India have demonstrated their strength in driving outcomes for businesses. Watch out for the cool things happening in affiliate marketing – these companies are continuously coming up with new and savvy thoughts to make things better.


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