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The 10 Best Affiliate Marketing Companies in India

affiliate marketing companies

There are numerous affiliate marketing companies in India currently, but as the competition is high in this field, only a few make it to the top 10 list. Within this write-up you’ll find the top affiliate marketing companies in India. These companies can genuinely help your brand grow in the market. Affiliate marketing has really made a place for itself since our world is becoming mobile-first. This is also becoming one of the most efficient ways of marketing.

Through affiliate marketing, an affiliate earns a commission for marketing another person’s or company’s products. But what exactly does an affiliate do? The affiliate searches for a product and finds the right audience for it. Therefore, by promoting the product or a particular brand, the affiliate is able to profit. It’s obviously a larger process, but they earn a profit from each sale they make for that brand.

Top affiliate marketing companies in India

As already stated, there are many affiliate marketing companies existing in India, but only a few of them make it to the top. Here are some of the top affiliate marketing companies in India which are dominating their field for a long time.

1. Amazon associates
Amazon associates is counted among one of the top affiliate marketing companies in India and across the world. Through their platform, various content creators, publishers, and bloggers can monetise their traffic. Also, through this platform, various website owners and bloggers can create links and also earn referral fees whenever a customer clicks through and buys a product from Amazon. As a matter of fact, Amazon associates have been one of the first affiliate marketing programs to launch over the internet.

amazon associates
Image Credit: nichehacks

It has been known to dominate the affiliate marketing sector for a very long time. If you are a participant of this program, then this will genuinely give you the ability to monetize your traffic and earn associate commissions along. Once you sign up for this program, a unique link is allotted to your account which can be used to advertise Amazon products on your website. This way you’ll receive a commission from Amazon associates. But the price will depend on the kind of product you will be promoting. There is a lot more to this program, such as rules and requirements. You may read them on their website online to know more.

2. Awin
Anyone who has been a part of the affiliate industry would already know that Awin is a great platform for both advertisers and publishers. They are known to have an experience of 21 years in the affiliate industry and are counted among the top affiliate marketing companies in India. With them, you can get a global community of people, technology, and astute insights related to business ventures. It really doesn’t matter what kind of partner, service, or tools are required for your business. They have the right tools to provide their clients with exactly what they need to prosper in the market.

Image Credit: bloggingguide

As of today, they are a part of the Axel Springer and United Internet groups. Also, their affiliate network is powered by more than 17 offices across the world. They have an expertise in connecting businesses with their customers around the world across various verticals such as retail, telecommunications, travel and finance verticals.

3. Flipkart affiliate

If you join Flipkart affiliate marketing then as a user you can start earning without having to pay a joining fee. Here, one of the most important things that one has to do as an affiliate is that you need to generate more traffic on Flipkart. Indeed you can make money by becoming a Flipkart affiliate and the process is rather simple for the users. You can drive traffic from your website/ mobile site/ mobile apps to Flipkart and earn commission on every purchase.

All you have to do is promote links on your website/apps and then drive traffic to Flipkart. After this, you’ll be eligible to earn commissions whenever the products are purchased.
Flipkart has got a wide range of tools available for the users. Whether you are in need of simple banners, widgets, or APIs, Flipkart has it all. In fact, if you are in need of listing Flipkart deals or if you want to list products on your own site/ app, then Flipkart can help you!

4. Refpay Media
Refpay Media firmly believes in delivering superior work for best results. It was in the year 2018 when Mr. Surendra Tiwari, who is an expert in the field of affiliate marketing laid the foundation of this company. As of today, it is counted among one of the top 10 affiliate marketing companies in India. They are a renowned digital marketing agency and an affiliate network. Though their head office is headquartered in India, they also have offices overseas in Singapore. But, that’s not all. Having a wide network in the USA for a long time, they now also have an office in the USA which is known by the name Mark Ads Media.

They are an excellent affiliate marketing company which focuses on empowering global Advertisers & Brands, and publishers to prosper in the market. They are known for bringing their clients the best ideas, strategies, and digital! As of today, they have got a powerful network of affiliate marketing and technology. They are also constantly growing and evolving to expand their network further as we speak. To learn more about this affiliate marketing company in India, visit Refpay Media’s website.

5. Vcommission
If there is a discussion about the top affiliate marketing companies in India, then it is hard to miss this one from it. Vcommission is a company which always makes it to the list of top 10 affiliate marketing companies in India. Why? Well, Vcommission has been a part of the affiliate marketing industry for quite a while now. As of today, they are a leading global affiliate marketing network which has been known to deliver excellent performance-oriented solutions for their clients.

Image Credit: Vcommission

Their focus is fixated on leading the digital space by bringing their innovative strategies to the affiliate sphere. Founded by Ms. Parul Tarang Bhargava in the year 2008, the company has grown tremendously through all these years. If you want to work with them, then you should wait no more and join this renowned affiliate marketing company in India. If you want to partner with them as an affiliate or advertiser then read more about it on their website.

6. Icubeswire
Again, Icubeswire also makes it to the list of top 10 affiliate marketing companies in India. They have got an extensive network of 20,000 affiliates from all kinds of verticals. Along with that, they have also catered to more than 250 clients with excellent strategy-driven affiliate programs which helps them target the right audience. Not just that, but they have also helped them get the right offers and in generating maximum ROI. Also, iCubesWire is considered as one of the greatest CPA networks among the top affiliate marketing companies in India.

Image Credit: Icubeswire

They are known to translate traffic into transactions and ensure growth for brands in the market. With them you can find solutions for marketing needs which can range from social media marketing, influencer marketing, video marketing, search engine optimisation, search engine marketing, mobile advertising, media buying, content marketing, online reputation management, and creative. The company’s foundation was laid in the year 2010 by Mr. Sahil Chopra who is an experienced group head and has a demonstrated history of working in this field for quite a while.

7. Godaddy affiliate
Godaddy affiliate lets you earn cash from sales when you promote Godaddy on your site. With them you can choose from a wide selection of banners and text ads which fits your site. Also, you can get this at no cost or minimum purchases; therefore, in this sense you have nothing to lose. Not just that, but through this process you can earn a competitive commission through your affiliate link. Also, you can earn more with your blog, website, or even through your email newsletter. You can also choose which products you want to promote on your website or blog.

Godaddy affiliate
Image Credit: Godaddy

Also, if you are a Godaddy affiliate, then that is good for you and your visitors too. Godaddy is known as the world’s no.1 domain registrar. Therefore, if you are a Godaddy affiliate then your visitors will get amazing deals on the products from this registrar. After which you’ll get cash for qualifying purchases they make through your affiliate link. So, wait no more and join the Godaddy affiliate program today and then earn extra money selling domains, hosting, and much more with their affiliate marketing programs.

8. Cuelinks
Cuelinks has been considered as one of the best affiliate marketing companies in India. It is also one of the easiest methods in order to monetise your blog. Also, once you set things up with them, you don’t have to do anything. If you are confused about how they work, here’s a brief idea about it. They are a content monetisation network that works just like Viglink or Skimlink does. Also, once you sign up for cuelinks, it will give you certain lines of Javascript code which you’ll be required to place on your blog once. This will further convert links to Indian merchant sites into an affiliate link.

Image Credit: indianhotdeal

Also, cuelinks is a great medium for any Indian blog, especially for those whose target audience is India or for those who need traffic from India. It’s also a great place for bloggers who want to link out to e-commerce or product-based Indian sites. With cuelinks, you can genuinely save time by signing up separately for an individual affiliate program. Know more about this by visiting their website.

9. Optimise
Like the aforementioned companies, Optimise is also counted among one of the top affiliate marketing companies in India. They are focused on creating trusted affiliate partnerships in India. They have an expertise in connecting brands with the partners in order to deliver better growth. The company started back in the year 2001 by Laxmi D Sharma and Richard Syme. As of today, this company has grown so much that it is counted among the top 10 affiliate marketing companies in India. It is today one of the most recognised companies not just in India but also across the world. Also, it is counted among a leading global affiliate network.

Image Credit: optimisemedia

With them, clients get a deeper understanding of data and actionable insights, which is something they can’t get from anywhere. Also, their massive global network of affiliate partners get the opportunity to earn the best commissions and support in the affiliate industry. Also, they are a renowned company which has promoted various big brands and popular products. Visit their website to learn more about becoming an advertiser or publisher!

10. Admitad
Admitad is also one of the companies which needs to be listed under the top 10 affiliate marketing companies in India. The company was founded by Neha Kulwal, Sergej Bachann, and Alexander Bachmann in the year 2014. Through their platform, various brands and retailers are connected with each other. But that’s not all; they have more than 100000 active publishers across the world. Not only that, they have also got verified affiliate partners who have been using their unique digital business models. Moreover, it is with the new ideas and future technologies they have been able to develop digital innovative ideas.

Image Credit: admitad

With them publishers can find various solutions. They are also known to provide several types of partnership opportunities for advertisers. Some of the top services include cashback services, content websites, coupon & deals, email marketers, influencers, loyalty programs, media buying, digital services, and many others. Admitad is also a trusted medium by various top brands such as Adobe, Amazon, Samsung,, and dyson. So, wait no more to expand your brand’s reach with one of the top affiliate marketing companies in India and partner with the world’s best brands!


The aforementioned companies are the top 10 affiliate marketing companies in India. If you want to learn more about them and the services they offer, you should visit their website.


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